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BWT products guarantee the best water quality in your home with silky-soft BWT Pearl Water.

Poduct Comparison


  • Design and function for every need.

    BWT Perla AQA perla AQA life AQA smart Plus AQA smart AQA smart C
    Duplex system info
    Simplex system info
    Precision salination info
    Salt metering 32 kg 50 kg 25 kg 50 kg 18 kg 50 kg
    Low salt warning
    Salt reserve display
    Solar module can be retrofitted
    Direct connection to the metering unit Integrated metering system
    Multi-info-touch display
    BWT Account
    Optional 6-Year Warranty
    Filter maintenance reminder
    AQA Safe valve
    AQA Stop info
    AQA Watch
    Height/Width/Depth 79,8 / 39,5 / 50,5 cm 89 / 50 / 52 cm 61 / 41 / 50,5 cm 99 / 41 / 50,5 cm 63 / 39 / 58 cm 109 / 39 / 56 cm
    Inspected by the DVGW info Registered for DVGW examination
    Special Feature Connectivity, Status Display, SafetyPLUS Package, hygiene flushing, proximity sensor SafetyPLUS Package, Touchscreen, hygiene flushing compact 3 capacities incl. Dosing device for smart mineral dosage agent 3 Capacities, Under-table installation 3 Capacities, salt reserve, overflow height



The water softener removes calcium from the water and keeps your shower clean. You can also enjoy the incomparable sensation of silky-soft pearl water for noticeably soft skin, shiny hair and luxuriously soft laundry.



Silky-soft pearl water 24/7

The AQA perla softener supplies soft water to up to four residential units 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. For non-stop soft water, day and night.

Proven technology

The system meets the specifications of the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) and all the relevant national and international standards.