Water is more than SKIN DEEP.

Soft water is a true beauty secret. With less calcium in the water no limescale residues remain on the skin and hair, while creams and body lotions are absorbed more effectively. Silky-soft BWT pearl water – the elixir for noticeably soft, velvety skin and shiny, smooth hair.

WATER that caresses you.

BWT silky-soft pearl water cares for your clothes and towels, and your laundry will not feel unpleasantly stiff and starchy. For fluffy hand towels and luxuriously soft bathrobes. Enjoy the incomparable sensation of gentle, soft laundry on the skin and how perfectly comfortable your favourite garments feel.


Soft water means less calcium in the water, and less calcium also means fewer unsightly limescale deposits on fixtures, fittings and tiles. Silky-soft BWT pearl water is therefore your guarantee of a clean, shiny bathroom.

BWT AQA perla

For silky-soft pearl water in the shower and bath

The AQA perla softener removes calcium from the water and keeps your shower clean. You can also enjoy the incomparable sensation of silky-soft pearl water for noticeably soft skin, shiny hair and luxuriously soft laundry.

Silky-soft pearl water 24/7

The AQA perla softener supplies soft water to up to four residential units 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. For non-stop soft water, day and night.


Proven technology

The system meets the specifications of the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) and all the relevant national and international standards.


A prize winner

The AQA perla has won recognition from a jury of leading experts and many consumers for its quality, design, functionality and eco-friendliness, for which it has received the Plus X Award, the world’s most prestigious prize for technological innovation.


Touch screen

No more screwing, twisting and complicated settings; the multi-info touch screen on our AQA perla softener provides a quick overview of all the important data, ensuring optimum ease of use.


Smart metering

The AQA perla smart metering function measures all the consumption and flow data and enables you to save on running costs, including the use of salt and rinsing water.

Salt container

The regeneration agent container can hold 50 kg! Even in a 4-person household, you only need to replenish the AQA perla softener with regeneration salt twice a year.


Conserving resources

The combination of intelligent brine extraction (“precision salination”) and regeneration time based on regeneration pressure guarantees maximum operational efficiency while also conserving resources.

Efficient 2-column operation

Short-cycle, alternating operation and minimal standing times. Each softening column in the AQA perla is activated separately at short intervals, i.e. controlled by microprocessors, so that the hard water flows through both columns alternately. Provides maximum hygiene security.


Maximum hygiene security

Aqua Watch alarm function. Faults in the domestic water system can result in excessive water consumption or leaks, e.g. in the form of a permanently flushing toilet. The Aqua Watch alarm function monitors the domestic water system and emits a signal when it detects a fault or atypical water consumption.

Product comparison


Design and function for every need.

AQA Perla AQA life AQA smart Plus AQA smart AQA smart C
Duplex system info
Simplex system info
Precision salination info
Salt metering 50 kg 25 kg 50 kg 18 kg 50 kg
Low salt warning
Salt reserve display
Solar module can be retrofittedr
Direct connection to the metering unit Integrated metering system
Multi-info-touch display
Filter maintenance reminder
AQA safe valve
AQA stop info
Height/Width/Depth 89 / 50 / 52 cm 61 / 41 / 50,5 cm 99 / 41 / 50,5 cm 63 / 39 / 58 cm 109 / 39 / 56 cm
Inspected by the DVGW info

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