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Silky soft pearl water transforms your home into a wellness oasis: from a feel-good morning in the shower to relaxing bathing pleasure in your own pool.


BWT Water Softeners


Water ist more than SKIN DEEP



Soft water is a true beauty secret. With less calcium in the water no limescale residues remain on the skin and hair, while creams and body lotions are absorbed more effectively. Silky-soft BWT pearl water – the elixir for noticeably soft, velvety skin and shiny, smooth hair.

WATER that caresses you



BWT silky-soft pearl water cares for your clothes and towels, and your laundry will not feel unpleasantly stiff and starchy. For fluffy hand towels and luxuriously soft bathrobes. Enjoy the incomparable sensation of gentle, soft laundry on the skin and how perfectly comfortable your favourite garments feel.

As clear as crystal



Soft water means less calcium in the water, and less calcium also means fewer unsightly limescale deposits on fixtures, fittings and tiles. Silky-soft BWT pearl water is therefore your guarantee of a clean, shiny bathroom.

BWT water softeners



BWT water softeners reduce calcium from water and keep your shower clean. You can also enjoy the incomparable sensation of silky-soft pearl water for noticeably soft skin, shiny hair and luxuriously soft laundry.


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